Electrical Issues Can Occur at Anytime Without Warning


Shut Off the Power

If you're experiencing electrical issues, find your breaker and shut off the power immediately.

Call an Experienced Electrician

Your safety is important. An experienced professional will be able to quickly diagnose the problem.

An Experienced Electrician Can Help

Call a professional electrician with troubleshooting experience

Most electrical problems are simply a nuisance, some are cause for immediate concern. Electrical emergencies are a threat to your safety and property. Some of the most common electrical emergencies in your home are a burning smell from the wiring or breaker panel, buzzing or humming sounds from a breaker or junction box, as well as smoke or hot to touch devices or breakers.

Electrical emergencies are serious, and they should be dealt with by professional electricians. If you suspect or face any electrical emergency in your house, you should not try to fix them yourself or call a local handyman who may not have enough experience with such emergencies. You need to call an emergency electricians.

We offer around the clock electrical emergency services for the GTA and surrounding area so don’t hesitate to call us at night or during a public holiday. Regardless of the time, we are committed to helping you fix the electrical emergencies before they cause any damage to your house or your family.

Your Satisfaction is Our Concern

We are committed to your satisfaction - 100%. We will provide a prompt professional response and outstanding workmanship. If the work is not done right, and to the Electrical Safety Authority ESA standards, then we will refund your money. Our electricians are fully insured, bonded, and licensed for your protection.

We Can Help

Your emergency is our priority. Contact us and we will help you through it.

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